Fare tarification in Milan

Note: This article is part of a series. It starts here. The fare Milan has a unified tarification system. There are two types of tickets: magnetic stripe; contactless. Magnetic tickets The cheap paper ticket with a magnetic stripe is the standard way to pay for the fare. While the physical support is virtually the same, there are many pay formulas: unitary ticket – valid 90 minutes for many bus journies and one single rail access (train, subway) 10 tickets – a better price for the individual tickets 4 entry ticket – similar to having 4 individual tickets day ticket – … Continue reading Fare tarification in Milan

Stadium in transit

From a historical point of view, the last 2-3 decades have seen a reduction in the number of seats in most of the big European stadiums. The reduction meant a sad halving of their capacity. Considering that by  the late 70’s – early 80’s, many European capitals had a stadium with at least 80 if not 100 or more thousand seats on wooden benches, the standardization undertaken in the 90’s deprived many frequent ongoers from attending the events. And the modernization is happening all over the world, including North America. Yes, the seats were more comfortable. The star system used … Continue reading Stadium in transit