Smart City 360

The Summit It seems this fall is a celebration of the intelligent urban development. In 2017, Helsinki will host the 3rd edition of the Smart City 360 summit.  Each one of the three days of the gathering (29 Nov – 1 Dec) has its own topic: Innovation policies Local and regional challenges Funding The morning and afternoon sessions will see a panel of people involved in projects related to the topics. All in all, the summit is a recap of the state of the world of smart cities. The program is linear and it does not offer additional conferences as part … Continue reading Smart City 360

Uber and the role of the CEO

At this moment, Uber has a huge customer database. Used wisely, this could bring in new surprises. After all, Uber added a new verb to the dictionary. According to recent news, the CEO of the company has been fired. Yes, Travis Kalanick is no longer in the hot seat at Uber.  I don’t expect the enterprise’s demise, on the contrary. This is the moment to change something or someone. Maybe the latter. Travis Kalanick was ambitious, but he was alone and sometimes, you need someone to tell you when you’re not going in the right direction. Similarly, Marissa Mayer didn’t … Continue reading Uber and the role of the CEO