Blog stats


The charts at the end of this article are summarizing the number of blog entries published  every month. Each barchart is for a whole year (January to December). Obviously, for the current year, the chart is susceptible to change. Everything  confirms that keeping the blog at a constant pace is not easy. The next update of the charts will be this fall (autumn of 2019).

My advice

The now defunct Virgin building used to host book launch events. I remember when the author of the Eragon series came  in the late 2000s and someone from the public asked about his technique of writing a book. He answered: never stop; write, write and write even more. This is what I suggest for you to do. Never stop. Dream big, but have a plan with small steps / milestones. Every blog can grow. The more consistent you are, the better you become.


For the moment my goal is to be able to publish on a constant base of 5 articles every week and  reach a monthly average of 20 articles. To that, I will add special articles. Of course, I’m trying to find topics that from my point of view are relevant to the public transportation.  Will I succeed ? Only future can tell.

  • 2017: 100+ articles
  • 2018: 100+ articles
  • 2019: much to do




One last note

While the blog started in 2016, I used several dozen articles from the original Spline as the base of a book. They are no longer  online and this is why the year 2017 starts with the month of April. Don’t worry, I will keep adding more entries in 2019 and the years to come. There will be more stuff about the city of Utopia.