This blog is intended as an information media about public transport worldwide. Most of the articles contain some distilled content about public networks in various cities from all the continents but Antarctica. For the casual tourist, there is information about the  bus and subway system where applicable. But the project goes deeper.


Open data

Many municipalities offer now open-data, including GTFS data sets.  If data is available, I have provided links to their respective web pages. So far, the blog summarizes the solutions put in place by the local transport companies from many cities. There are many good initiatives, which taken together could lead to better public services.


The future of the project

At some point in the future, the now defunct infotranspub project will resume  with a web platform, open source code, mobile apps and hopefully with hardware installed in buses and stations/stops.  All the good features found on this blog will be integrated in a practical way into the project.


The images

While the first version of the blog included many pictures from Wikipedia, I have started to create sketchy digital images. Some of the images I used before were web references and disappeared as their owners have removed them. When it comes to ownership, I prefer to draw a clear line. Of course, many pictures from cities I have visited will stay on the blog forever.


The beaver

beaverThis rodent is  an engineer. Just like me. It builds dams and canals and carry relatively heavy wooden  logs over big distances just by using Archimedes principle. Beavers  do not harm the nature surrounding them. The ponds that form behind the dam are deep and  have clean water. Pretty smart for such  a small (not really) rodent.

The past and present of the project

I was part of a wonderful team. We have dreamed about how to improve the experience of the citizens, through some very daring IT projects. I worked on something that could and would have improved the way people use the public  transport network. The official project has stopped, but I continue the project on my own, at a different pace. This blog is about my thoughts on smart cities in general and on public transport systems in particular.


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The articles

Today, time is a scarce resource. No one wants to lose it. We live in the age of speed, sometime forgetting to stop and breathe. Information, even junk, is king. What did that famous actress last night at the gala, or what is the latest conquest that famous tennis player ? This is what I consider junk. Of course, many can disagree and i won’t debate about it. It is doubtfully that 300 years from now someone will remember Kim Kardashian, while Da Vinci will still be considered a great painter. Or, maybe Kardashian Corp. may be the world #1 company. After all, the company founded by Edison is still blooming, almost a century after his death.

Let’s make it short. The articles on this site have a specific format. They are short enough to be read in under 3 minutes. It is the average time span between  two subway stations. Also, the pages should load relatively fast when the train stops, so you can read later in a tunnel, with no data reception at all.



I will continue to explore new ideas about the public transportation project. The source code is on github, but development has stopped for the moment. I will make it a priority again, in the near future. After all, I won’t let my dream die.