The beaver

beaverThis rodent is  an engineer. Just like me. It builds dams and canals and carry relatively heavy wooden  logs over big distances just by using Archimedes principle. Beavers  do not harm the nature surrounding them. The ponds that form behind the dam are deep and  have clean water. Pretty smart for such  a small (not really) rodent.

The project

I was part of a wonderful team. We have dreamed about how to improve the experience of the citizens, through some very daring IT projects. I worked on something that could and would have improved the way people use the public  transport network. The official project has stopped, but I continue the project on my own, at a different pace. This blog is about my thoughts on smart cities in general and on public transport systems in particular.

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I will continue to explore new ideas about the public transportation project. The source code is on github, but development has stopped for the moment. I will make it a priority again, in the near future. After all, I won’t let my dream die.