Fleet Size for a Big City : New York

This is a series of articles about the size of public transportation fleet in a big city. The fleet may include subway, buses, tramways and in some cases trains and boats.

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New York – The Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Source: Wikimedia

New York

The Big Apple is a major city in North America.  The local transportation agency, which is MTA, manages a pretty big fleet of vehicles. The numbers speak for themselves. I feel that the subway network is overloaded for such a big city. There is plenty of space for new tunnels and the last generation boring machines is much faster than the previous one.

Image result for tunnel digging machine
Boring machine. Source: Wikimedia

The bus fleet

Half a dozen thousand buses serve the ground transportation. With so many of them, there is little space left for improvement. Add more and the traffic will get jammed  even more often and this will expand the rush hours. The last figures for the ground fleet are the following:

  • 5700+ buses

    Image result for new york bus
    New York bus. Source: Wikimedia
  • 300+ bus lines
  • 16000+  bus stops

    Image result for new york bus stop
    New York bus stop. Source: Wikimedia
  • Weekday trips : 54000

The number of weekday trips is impressive. The average number of trips served by one single physical bus is 10. As I know there is a good number of buses that are not in service every day, this average figure can go up a bit.

The subway network

While the tube  seems to be one of the most developed in the world, and it really is, the capacity of the network is overloaded. Many commuters are complaining about the delays of the trains. As most of the tunnels have been dug in the 1940’s, when the city was smaller, there is enough reason to extend the network according to the present size of the city. The fleet comprises:

  • 22 subway lines (470+ stations) with a total of 8200 trips per day

    Image result for new york subway station
    Times Square subway station entry. Source: Wikimedia
  • 6400+ subway cars with an expected  life of 40 years
Image result for new york  subway car
New York subway car. Source: Wikimedia


References for the numbers

I have used the following links for the figures. They are a gold mine of information about the transportation network.

Bus Link

Subway link

Go one level up


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