Smart City 360

The Summit

It seems this fall is a celebration of the intelligent urban development. In 2017, Helsinki will host the 3rd edition of the Smart City 360 summit.  Each one of the three days of the gathering (29 Nov – 1 Dec) has its own topic:

  • Innovation policies
  • Local and regional challenges
  • Funding

The morning and afternoon sessions will see a panel of people involved in projects related to the topics. All in all, the summit is a recap of the state of the world of smart cities. The program is linear and it does not offer additional conferences as part of Smart City 360. But, there is a bonus.

Bonus pack

The good news is that there are six additional conferences co-located with the summit. As such, there is plenty of topics to follow up and they complement the summit. All six extra events take place during the first two days of the summit.

  1. EAI International Conference on Smart City Experimental and Digital Business Development Platforms ;
  2. EAI International Conference on Smart Citizens and Smart Society ;
  3. EAI International Conference on Smart Cities as Socio-Technical Systems ;
  4. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – From research and development to the market uptake ;
  5. 4th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy Challenges in Smart Cities;
  6. EAI International Conference on Smart Cities Interoperability and Standardization

Taken as  whole, the group of six events addresses not one but several dimensions of the Smart City Wheel, the dashboard tool presented in a previous article.

The fourth conference, whose topic is transportation, is my favorite. It will present plenty of ways to bring IoT and ITS  together, among which: travel and traffic information, traffic management and intelligent infrastructure (road, freight, public transport), cooperative ITS and autonomous driving and last, but not least,ITS for Smart Cities.




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