The definition of a Smart City according to: Co.Design

The Smart City Wheel

On the Co.Design web site, Boyd Cohen suggests a plan to develop a Smart City, by adopting the so called Smart City Wheel rules:

  • Create a vision and engage the Citizens (step I);
  • Have a strategy, aka a plan, milestones and metrics (Step II);
  • Make small changes  with huge impacts, i.e. go lean (Step III).

Image result for smart city wheel

This is not different from a start-up company going from zero to hero. The Smart Wheel itself is a set of 3 concentric circles surrounding the Smart City. Each circle corresponds to a step. The middle circle or step is the most important, as it contains the brick and mortar. The last two steps seem to blend together, which is not a surprise, as the tactics can change at any time. It is the vision that guides the whole project.

I like the wide set of dimensions presented in the wheel: living, people, environment, and so on, along with the details:safe, green, creative, etc. If applied to any of the existing communities that pride themselves with the title of “smart city”, any one follows several dimensions taken from the wheel. It is inevitable.

The case of Toronto

Related imagePeople cannot live in a sustainable way,  but in a healthy environment. The resources are scarce . Therefore, they  must be acquired and consumed in a responsible way. In the original article, the city of Toronto has a plan to develop multi modality, by deploying charging stations for electric vehicles. While a small pilot project, it might grow into something larger, like  charging stations for all the vehicles in town. After all, Toronto grows up around its iconic tower.


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