Fleet size for a big city : Paris

N.B. This was in 2013. Today the numbers have increased.

This is a series of articles about the size of public transportation fleet in a big city. The fleet may include subway, buses, tramways and in some cases trains and boats


In the video at the end of this article we can see the figures for Paris. I will list  only the information relevant for GTFS:

  • 16 subway lines (200+ stations) with a total of 5000+ trips per dayImage result for metro ratp ligne 14
  • 2 suburban train lines going 30 km  from downtown in both directions
  • 350+ bus lines
  • 4000+ busesImage result for bus ratp
  • 3 tramway lines (today 8)
  • 1 cable car
  • 15800+  stops (bus, subway, tram combined)Related image

And all this is available 20/24 every day (compare to other cities here). Pretty impressive. The open data GTFS file is so big that I didn’t even try to load it in Open Trip Planner.  It would take many hours just to load it. And this is one of the peculiarities of GTFS: it the size of the hardware follows closely the size of the data.


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