Busworld Europe exhibition – 2017 edition


In 2017, Courtrai / Kortrijk is host to the Busworld Europe fair. The Belgian city is not far from  Lille and this places the exhibition at little more than one hour from, Paris.  The agenda looks thrilling, with conferences grouped in two clusters. While the first group is about tourism and not very interesting for  local public transportation, it is the second who seems to be the focal point.   I list here both, just for the sake of impartiality:

  • IRU Coach conferences
  • UITP Bus conferences

Yes, it is UITP who governs the second group and the topics are amazing:

  • Electrification
  • Digitalisation
  • Autonomous (driver-less)
  • New service concepts
  • ZeEUS project – how to electrify your fleet

I like the driver-less part. As a world summit deserves a world class site, the official website is available in more than 100 languages, thanks to Google Translate. It is the first time I see a practical use of the multi language service from the Internet giant.

UITP in the front seat

The detailed program is on the twin  UITP site.  Here we find the list of the speakers, all with decision-making positions at big public transportation companies, among which: Jianchen Cai (Changzhou Transit Group), Leon Daniels (Transport for London), and Yo Kaminagai (RATP).



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