The engine of the bus as a pollution factor

Buses powered by hybrid engines

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Today we see many so called hybrid buses. They have both internal combustion engines and environment-friendly ones, using alternative energy sources:

  • electricity
  • bio fuel

The main idea behind the hybrid vehicles is to use the most energy + environment  efficient powering system.  And the vehicles found  in  today’s jammed streets, avenues, and boulevards are paradoxically going slow and polluting. After all, the slower an internal combustion engine goes, the more it consumes traditional fuel.

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The gearing gives the vehicle a reasonable mileage efficiency on highways. That is not true in cities, with the exception of night races like in Fast & Furious. Such races exist, especially in the motorbike world. Every Friday night bikers meet at at the Yellow Gate.

Image result for night motorbike parking

Public transport happens, most of the time in cities.  Fuel consumption and pollution are linked together and the price of the bus tickets includes somehow the price of the fuel. So, a more efficient bus would (and should) have a positive impact on the cost of the ride for each one of the passengers.

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Every year, municipalities and public transportation companies spend millions on new buses, that are more efficient. The renewal cycle is a bit too fast for my taste, but at least, the fleet of vehicles doesn’t age too much.  Even more, the vehicles are very different in size and capabilities. The typical vehicle  is the standard coach-like  city bus.  Low land and coastal cities prefer long buses, that are articulated. On the contrary, mountainous cities  have smaller buses, able to climb efficiently the steep roads. Most of the times, there is a mix of all these types of buses.


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