Delaying the train can be costly

An ordinary morning

block_doorsPeople are in a hurry. After all, the public transportation has been created with one goal: carry people from one place to another in a designated amount of time, at specific hours. And in the early years, like the 60’s, 70’s, even 80’s, the system has worked pretty well. Something happened in the 90’s, but the issue has not been well acknowledged until the beginning of the new millennium.

While most of the general population continued to behave in a civic way, some “smart people” consider the public transportation a playground. In other words, some individuals stopped respecting the rules. It is likely that you have seen people like the two blue guys in the picture above.  They delay the trains and subway cars at rush hours , by preventing the doors closing.  After all, why should someone wait for the next train. Rules apply only to normal people, not to “smart guys”.

Visiting the historical places

Mr. Gulliver has decided to visit the historical villages, some 40 km south-east from Utopia. The train regional network is well developed and stops in all the towns and villages that surround the capital city. After all, it is  Sunday morning. The regional train will stop in all the important places of Castle Valley.  The departure is due 9:19. It is time. Sit in a comfortable chair, Mr. Gulliver looks casually through the window. He notices a guy running. Another latecomer. On a Sunday morning, no one should be like this. After all, it’s the week-end.

The siren of the train announces the imminent departure of the train. Mr. Gulliver is counting the seconds until the train starts moving. The siren continues to sound. What’s happening ? Utopian trains are known to depart and arrive on time. After one full minute, the siren stops and the train starts moving. Gulliver hears heavy breathing. Two late newcomers enter the cabin. One it is the guy who was running on the platform. The other is short of breath.

Suddenly, Mr. Gulliver understands. The two people have prevent door closing for a full minute.  Well, one minute is not much. After all, it is Sunday.  They were in a hurry.  Still, the following train was in just under 10 minutes.

Everything is connected to everything else

train_tvAfter a quarter of hour, the controller enters the cabin.  Mr. Gulliver is relaxed. He uses uWand. He has no longer  the stress of buying tickets.   The control guy smiles. Gulliver’s  smartphone communicates somehow with the one of the controller. It’s like magic. Then, the controller asks the two latecomers for the tickets. The two people have paid their ride. Everything should be OK. But why is the he still talking with them ? Suddenly, the controller uses his smartphone and  .. no way … the TV screen that indicates the next stop changes. It shows now a video recording where one guy is preventing the doors of a train to close.

Mr. Gulliver realizes that it is a recording of this train, just before the departure. Then, the image zooms on the face of the person who blocks the doors. It is one of the two latecomers. The controller is giving a fine. The two people are nervous. Their game has cost them. The controller tells Mr. Gulliver that Utopia uses IoT devices to prevent vandalism. And it works.


Mr. Gulliver is still under shock. Where was the camera. He didn’t see any on the platform, at the railway station. But after all, the two guys did prevent the train from departure. And it is just Sunday. What if it was a weekday ? Utopia is a modern city, after all.


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