Civic attitude and IoT


A chair is for sitting

Mr. Gulliver is enjoying the ride aboard the train. The air conditioning blows gently. Since the departure of the train, few people have boarded at the five or six stations  the train has stopped at.

Two rows ahead, a man is tired. He put his feet on the opposite chair. Gulliver remarks the dirt on the shoes of the man. He must have walked through mud and dust and who knows what else. It’s sure that the chair will get dirty. What can be done. It is not the first time Gulliver sees people acting like they don’t care about their fellow riders.

Dirty dozen

Mr. Gulliver would never sit in a dirty chair.  But what if  dozens of people like that guy are putting their feet on the cushion of the opposite chair. The idea is horrible.


No, this is wrong. Is there no way to prevent it ? Gulliver has underestimated the Utopian way of dealing with bad people. Suddenly, the TV screen announcing the next station changes the message.

The helping hand of IoT


Gulliver is relieved. Like many others, that man had an inappropriate behavior and the system made him pay for it. But how  did it know who he was ? Gulliver took the smartphone out of his pocket. The GPS is not millimeter precise. It might fail to give the right position.  Than, he notices the small symbol on his phone. Now everything was clear. Somehow, the phone communicated with an IoT device embedded into the seat. Most likely, via Near Field Communication.

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