Predictive stop (V)

Note: this is is part of a series. See the first article here.

Fourth generation (Utopian way)

Since the beginning, UPITA has seen the potential of IoT. There is a golden future promised to the this technology.  It is the golden boy that every big enterprise wants to do business about. It has gathered many supporters and new business models have been invented because of it. Some companies who didn’t exist 5-6 years ago are now flourishing.  All this thanks to some little known people who moved one step further, who took the internet of humans, and made it available to the machines.

So, how does UPITA handle this  ? After all, any transportation company wants to have as much of the market share as possible and very happy customers.  It happens that since the early 2010’s, UPITA has seen the potential of smart devices. Without much ado, UPITA has launched a massive campaign, whose pinnacle was a 100% coverage of the transportation network with IoT devices.   This long term vision has paid since.  The bus driver knows exactly if there are people who most likely want to get on board. The average distance walked by foot varies from city to city, but overall, it is within reasonable limits.  As such, UPITA knows the average walk speed of the Utopians. Based on this information, the smart devices placed at every bus stop communicate with uWand and get to know if there are potential passengers nearby. In some cases, the bus driver adapt the speed of the bus or can even wait an extra minute.


The applicability of the system

This is completely the  opposite of the Japanese subway system where the drivers are going from station A to station B in exactly the same amount of seconds every day.


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