Predictive stop (II)

Note: this is is part of a series. See the first article here.

The first generation

omnibusThe public transport has been designed to serve the general population. The bus stops at every station. People get off if they need. Other passengers get on if they have to. If the trips are enough spaced in time, there will always be  people waiting at the bus stop, during normal hours.  Let’s increase the number of bus trips, so that there are not always people waiting at the bus stop sign. The following could happen:

  1. the bus arrives
  2. it stops
  3. the driver press a button and opens the doors
  4. no one gets off the bus
  5. no one gets on board
  6. the driver presses another button and the doors close
  7. the bus starts moving.

So far, if Mr. Smith is at let’s say 100m from the bus stop, he has little chance to catch  the ride. At 50m, maybe he could run. At less than 10m, the driver will see him. So distances are important.


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