Predictive stop (I)

The issue


Most of the times, we wait for the bus at the bus stop. There are some rare occasions when we see the bus stop, we are not very far from there, and the bus arrives and leaves before we get on. It happens. On other occasions, call it luck, the bus stops because one of its passengers wants to get off. And we manage to catch the bus, after running the Olympic  100m sprint.   It should not happen like this. After all, bus riding should always be something enjoyable, not a race against time. But, there are some bad days.


The green faced man will always catch the bus. The yellow faced one will get on board if he is fast. The red faced guy will miss the bus in most of the cases. If the bus is a regional one, passing once per hour, the frustration of the red faced man will be immense. There should be something the bus company could do to keep everyone happy.  Maybe the  mayor could win some extra votes at the next election.


This has happened in the past, like 50 years ago, it continues today. Maybe it should never happen again. Technology is here, technology that could help. In this series of articles, we will see  how the bus stop management  has evolved over time.


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