Uber and the role of the CEO

Related imageAt this moment, Uber has a huge customer database. Used wisely, this could bring in new surprises. After all, Uber added a new verb to the dictionary. According to recent news, the CEO of the company has been fired. Yes, Travis Kalanick is no longer in the hot seat at Uber.  I don’t expect the enterprise’s demise, on the contrary. This is the moment to change something or someone. Maybe the latter. Travis Kalanick was ambitious, but he was alone and sometimes, you need someone to tell you when you’re not going in the right direction.

Similarly, Marissa Mayer didn’t save Yahoo because she had been alone, too. I would not call someone a leader without a team behind. This is what Uber needs. The VCs are in for the money, but the leader is there for more than that. As a final thought, the prices for Uber were a bit  too low for the company to be profitable, even with a huge number of daily rides.

Yet, the idea of having a fleet of electric self-driving cars that come and go around the city appeals to me. I have thought Uber to be the pioneer of smart riding. It is not too late. I would give some time to the company.




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