Cargo rail in Utopia

Avoiding pollution

Related imageMr. Gulliver likes to wander through Utopia. After all, the air quality is excellent, despite the size of the city. There is industry, like Thomas Alva, the electric car manufacturer, but the high quality standards are  enforced everywhere. The Utopians are proud of their city. One question remains open ?  How are local shops supplied if no truck is allowed in the city? Puzzled, Gulliver decided to spend a whole night at a pub downtown, near one of the busiest tram lines.

An elegant solution

Image result for cargo tramHalf a dozen hours later, Mr. Gulliver had his answer.  For most of the time, the trams passed by at the scheduled time. All but one, and what a tram it was!  A big blue one, with no windows. By no means a passenger tram. He had heard of the famous CarGoTram in Dresden, but had never seen it.  The Volkswagen factory in that German town used the tram for a precise delivery. What he saw in Utopia left him with his mouth agape.

The tram stopped every hundred meter, roughly its length. All the cars of the tram were a modified version of the ultra low floor type. No need for hydraulic lifts to lower the products to the street level. Every time the tram stopped, all the cars were discharged simultaneously, leaving the wares in front of the respective shops. So far, as Gulliver could see, the unload process operated automatically. It reminded him  the morning delivery of newspapers to kiosks, the way it was done  in many cities.

The shop personnel knew the time schedule. They were ready to receive the goods. It was clear that the logistics had been fine tuned to match the shops for every stop the tram made. With such a system, there was no need for trucks or vans to supply the stores during night time. At an estimated capacity of 10 tons per car, and featuring six cars, the tram was more than fulfilling its job. It was delivering goods, while avoiding pollution.

Electric trucks for delivery

Image result for electric trucksAs seen in a precedent article, the tram network doesn’t cover all metropolitan area of Utopia and there are many shops far enough from the tram lines.  In this case, as Mr. Gulliver  learned later, electric trucks supplied the respective shops. The imposing  vehicles feature big batteries and an efficient electric engine, that together allow a silent and eco friendly delivery of goods. The last mile was covered in full.


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