Public transportation in Oslo (V)


The red buses

The Ruter logo is  a white hash sign over a red background. The same red color is used on the buses that carry people across Oslo.  They are big, fast and arrive on time. The articulated buses can carry almost twice the usual number of passengers, thanks to the back wagon. And, like the tramways, they arrive on time.

busbluesignThe stops

Bus stops are slightly different from tramway stations in that most of the time, there is no roof. There is a signpost providing all the necessary information. When the stop is not shared with the tram, there is a clear indication of that.

busrealtimeReal time information

Like the tram stations, bus stops inform the traveler about the time he or she needs to wait until the bus arrives.   Not unlikely the tram stations, the display features up to 4 small displays  for the waiting time as well as a larger one for miscellaneous information. By design, if more than 4 buses stops in a place, there are several bus signs, each grouping up to 4 buses. The Railway Square is a big network node where many bus lines cross each other and where grouping of four buses is mostly obvious.

BusInsideDisplayInside the bus

After having boarded, it is relatively easy to travel, even for the non natives. Big screens provide information about the next 3-4 stops:

  • Name of the stations;
  • Estimated travel time, in minutes, to the stations;
  • Detailed information about connection for the following stations.

One particular feature is the use of many screens, facing both the front and the rear of the bus.  This is comfortable for the people that are sitting backwards, as they  don’t need to turn their heads.

busestimtimesMore about bus stops

Concerning the bus stop posts, they provide information similar to the tram stations:

  • estimated time in minutes from that stop to all the other stops on the bus line
  • static times of arrival for the bus. For the vast majority of the cases, these times are respected.

In some particular cases, the tramways and the buses share the stop/station. Such stops are cost efficient  and allow people to connect more easily.


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