Public transportation in Oslo (II)

great-bike-logoGetting around a city is serious business, especially if time is short. Why should one wait for the bus when a green mean of transportation is already available ?

The Oslo City Bike company is more than present. A good number of bike stations are scattered around the town. And what could be better than visiting the city on bike.  20/7 availability, low CO2 emission, easy get on and drop off, the bike is an excellent mean of transportation in Oslo.

As the winter is fading away and the spring becomes more and more present, the bikes become more appealing than ever, especially on a warm, sunny day.


bike-stationEach blue dot on the  map is a bike station and they are well distributed across the city.  The typical station is not very big, like in Paris, but Oslo has less inhabitants and the size of the bike station  is proportional to the number of potential customers.

The  stations blend well into the neighborhood.  Many new constructions in Oslo are respectful of the exiting environment and make the visit of the city more pleasant.

The customers are welcomed by a touch screen following the Scandinavian functionalism: design and use. Like in many other public places, the interface is in both Norwegian and English.


Again, one can access the system in a couple of  ways: with a code, or from the cellphone. Less paper, more sustainability.

For the enthusiast, the City Bike company offers both an open API and sets of data. With such openness, it is easy to know how attractive is the bike rental system in Oslo or where should a new station be created.

One thing I learned in Norway was that trust and friendliness is one of main traits of the Norwegian people.  And yes, smart transportation should be based on open data.


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