Green transportation: bicycles

Image result for velibCities are becoming more and more polluted. The endless traffic of cars, trucks, scooters and buses are contributing to the pollution in urban areas. This is no secret and the municipalities have started to fight pollution back in the post World War II years.

However, the real revolution arrived with the advent of internet and the pack of technologies that came with it. More and more cities implemented public bicycle systems (PBS). It has started with China, where bicycle is the only  solution to fight pollution,

The Velib project in Paris has had and is continuing to have a tremendous success. It combines both a green mean of transportation with an excuse to stay in shape. The original implementer of the project had been J.C.Decaux. However, in the last months, the City Hall decided to change the provider. The municipality of Paris is negotiating with  Smoovengo, a big name in the mobility market.

I don’t know what the future of PBS in Paris will be, but one of the conditions for continuous performance of an endeavor is stability.


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