Smart City (Country) Switzerland

The concept of Smart City can be applied to a country, too, especially on that is not too big. That is the case with the project Smart City Switzerland (SCS). It happens at a whole new level. It is better funded, too. After all, the country of watches is run with precision. Trains go on time. Why not do the same for projects. They do, actually. The site has German, French, Italian and English versions

The SCS family of projects touches six areas connected to the concept of smart city:

  •  Urban Energy Master Planning
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Grids and Supply Technologies
  • Smart Mobility
  • Good Governance
  • Stakeholder

Of them, we are interested in the fourth one.  The menu on the left has many interesting options, among which, the projects database. It links to an impressive list of projects, each one with its own description. The projects are more than just a bunch of words. They are backed by documents, links, and many other features that, are being taken care in every detail. No broken links here. Swiss precision.

Smart Mobility project list

The list of projects has options. It is very easy to see what projects are part of the six areas mentioned above, which are completed or just a concept. The results are grouped by pages of ten. This is a bit limiting, but after all, the site is worth a visit and I’m sure you will stay there longer than you have planned initially.

Swiss Smart Mobility

The footer menu of the SCS main site has six items.  Instead of using words, the designers of the site put in place images. This is smart because images are universal. no need to translate every word of the site in English. By the way, the site is multi-language. Some paragraphs are in German, but I think it is perfectly normal for a Swiss project.

The link opens with a new site dedicated to smart mobility (mobilitaetsmanagement in German). This is not a bad idea. Instead of having to manage a complex site with six areas, I find it  a good practice to have a main Smart City Switzerland site and 6 smaller  the work in six more manageable  smaller sites who are equally pleasant to navigate. The site has German, French and Italian versions. There are several key domains of interest:

  • Mobility at municipality level (town, village, hamlet, etc.)
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Mobility related to future building plans
  • Events mobility (organization of events)

Evey such domain is backed by documents. This gold mine of information has a huge number of applications.


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