Walking distance around a bus/tram station (IV)

distance-paris.pngIn previous articles (I,II,III), we have seen cities with fast people. By fast we mean they are able to walk more than 400m in 4 minutes.  As promised, we will see the cities where people walk more slowly.

The City of Lights

Paris is a the world capital  of tourism. Not unsurprisingly, people walk slower, just below the 350m mark in the allotted 4 minutes. Of course, it serves to lower the pace, if one has to see and admire architecture, monuments, squares, museums, and the river banks. The list of sight-seeings is very long, but you get the point. By definition, tourist cities are not destinations for Hurry Larry.

From my experience, Parisians walk quite fast, so next time there will be a 6 Nations rugby match I will observe carefully the two team’s supporters.

Second measurement

I wanted to be as objective as possible. The type of bus station that I was at  has maps with circles marking 5, respective 10 minutes of walking from the bus station. I used Google Maps to measure the distance from the bus station to the rim of the circle.  The straight line, i.e. the radius of the circle was 284m. This was too low comparing to my estimates. Then I measured a different point on the circumference of the circle.

What’s nice about Google Maps is that you can measure distances in meters, directly on the map. The ruler is breakable, so you can have a poly line along the path.

My next measurement had one traffic light on the path. With a wait time of 30 seconds and a measured walk distance of 306m, this was better, but still, too short.

The last distance measured was the farthest one. With a walking distance of 360m and 3 traffic lights for a total time of 5 minutes, this was just right.


The circles centered on the bus station are pessimistic estimates. The allotted time is calculated for the most distant point. This makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have isoclines on the map. Apparently far from the station if there are no traffic lights, closer to the station if road crossings are to be made.


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