Smart City Maribor fiction or not, impossible or feasible, every town aspire to become a “smart city“. The price to pay is high, but the returns are also high. One could talk for hours about a high  standard of living, excellent transportation network, environment friendly, and so on. All are attributes of the smart city. Some goals will be hard to attain. Some will be easy. And some towns have already started to implement them.

I have found such an initiative, “Smart City Maribor“. For those who don’t know, It is the second largest city in Slovenia.  The website is easy to browse. Not very big, but nice to look at and it has an English version. There are four sections:

  • smart mobility
  • smart environment and energy
  • smart living and urban planning
  • smart economy and cooperation

My focus is on smart mobility, but the other sections are interesting too. The size of the articles is about one web page, so it easy to read within 2-3 minutes.

Smart mobility

There are several articles that I find interesting:

Some bus stations have real-time displays. The project is under development.  A very good initiative, as passengers are always eager to know how much time they have to wait for the bus.

The environment friendly transportation is of great concern and is called mini mobility. It  covers all the alternative means of transportation: carpooling, bicycle, walking, managing parking space.  etc.

Overall, I think it is a very good initiative. One section of the site contains documents. I find very interesting the fact that the documents are in both Slovenian  and English.


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