Smart City Berlin (I)

Berlin, Hauptstadt Deutschlands

Image result for berlin logoThe capital city of Germany is big, modern and eager to become the first big smart city. With a population of over 3 million, Berlin has lots of problems to solve. Like the development of the tramway network in the west and the subway network in the east.  Or routing passengers between its airports.  With so many things to handle,  Berlin has created the cluster for transport, mobility and logistics. It is a directory of companies and universities  working together for the  development of  the smart city Berlin. Its five focal areas are:

  • automotive
  • logistics
  • aerospace
  • rail systems technology
  • intelligent transport systems

Needless to say that the last topic is very important.

Intelligent transport systems

Again, the Germans are .. Germans. The information is structured and presented very clearly. Five new categories:

  • Control and information technology
  • Fleet management and toll
  • Navigation and maps
  • Car IT
  • Associations and networks

Everything is related to the smart city. Each sub-category is a mini directory of companies or universities that do research or invest in that specific field.  I like that for every entry in the directory, the information provided is consistent;he website  not only contact information, but also an abstract.  No need to visit that company’s website in order to understand if I should partner with it.


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