Utopian Public Infrastructure and Transportation Agency

upitaThe Utopian Public Infrastructure and Transportation Agency (UPITA) is the body that governs the public transportation in the city of Utopia. Headquartered in the Lake District, the company occupies several  buildings hidden in the middle of Redwood trees, on the shore of a lake.

A company that is proud of being “green”, UPITA has about 1000 people. 500 or half of them are the bus or tram drivers. 100 are maintenance people. 200 work in either sales or marketing, 30 are the design team, 50 are the  IT division. The rest of the people are interns, students at the local university or coming from abroad.

Unlike other companies, UPITA has never outsourced. Everything is done internally. The buses and trams are made by a joint-venture between UPITA and Rudolf, the worldwide car & truck manufacturer. The healthy finances of the company enabled it to sustain a lean process. The average age of the vehicles in the fleet is 3 years.

The renewal

Starting with the early 2000, UPITA started a renewal program. The new technologies like the web, mobile, IoT, smart city appealed so much that the CEO created a special division within the company: the UPITA New Ventures or UNV. Research conducted in all the areas (technical, sales, marketing, HR, law) enabled the company to identify and anticipate changes that were inevitable. Where other companies needed 10 years, UPITA cut down the required amount of time to one third. This and a good collaboration with the municipality enabled  the public transportation company keep pace with population’s needs.


In the early 2010s, UPITA started to use the new technology of IoT in areas such as fleet management, yield management, and other fields that could benefit. Real-time  GPS position of the buses and trams allowed UPITA to inform the passengers in real time about waiting time, traffic load and alternative routes. People counters were used to identify new routes ahead of time.  Also, video-feeds from the buses and trams reduced  petty crime in buses by two thirds.

One of the goals of the company is to become full member of UITP by early 2020s.


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