Utopian money (I)

Utopia is a modern city. So modern that one can pay with various currencies:

  • Utopian credits
  • Euros
  • Dollars
  • Bitcoin

Yes, even bitcoins. The credits, whose symbol is Ꮖ,  are a relatively recent currency. Every Ꮖ coin has inside it a chip that guarantees the authenticity of money.  There is no paper money. Paper is easy to print, but metal and chips are much more secure. There is no fixed value for a coin. It can be valued 1 credit as well as 1 million. electronic money in the pocket. The chip has been designed to sustain excessive heat and pressure, but in general, the Utopians take care of their money.  The head of the Ꮖ coin is made of a special metal and bears the value of it. It can change value, but only inside special machines that alter both the shape of the head of the Ꮖ coin as well as the value inside of the chip.

The Ꮖ coins are highly prized by the outsiders, for the delicate shape of the coin. The tail bears beautiful carvings representing places around the Utopia, like the lakes, forests, mountains, and so on. It is estimated that some Ꮖ have been sold up to 100 times their real exchange value just for the sake of the tail image.


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