Gulliver buys a monthly pass

The pricing

In some countries, retirees travel for free. Also, small children don’t need to pay the fare.  For the rest of the cases, public transportation requires the passengers to pay a ticket. The prices are calculated such that it is more advantageous:

  • to pay a pass for a day than to buy a ticket on every ride
  • to buy a 7-day pass instead of 7 individual daily passes
  • to acquire a 2-week pass instead of 2 x 7-day passes
  • to get a monthly pass instead of a 2 fortnight passes
  • to pay for an annual pass instead of 12 individual monthly passes

For example, in Oregon, Trimet (local public transportation company) has a pricing chart that favors a passes for longer periods (as of April 1st, 2017):

2½-Hour Ticket $x
1-Day Pass 2 x 2½-Hour Ticket
7-Day Pass 5 x 1-Day Pass + $1
14-Day Pass 7-Day Pass – $1
30-Day/1-Month Pass 2 x 14-Day Pass – $2

We see that the profitability goes the following:

2½-Hour Ticket1-Day Pass < 7-Day Pass < 14-Day Pass < 30-Day/1-Month Pass

All over the world, the price of the passes follows the same scheme. Transportation companies prefer people to  pay for the  monthly passes.

Our favorite voyager

Mr. Gulliver feels uneasy. He is but a journalist. He feels that if he is to stay a month in Utopia, the price of all the tram tickets he would need to pay would make him bankrupt. There must be an alternative. As he browses casually the pages of the official web site  of Upita (local transportation company), he finds the prices for daily and monthly passes .

1-Hour Ticket Ꮖ1 or Ꮖ24/day
2-Hour Ticket Ꮖ1.95
4-Hour Ticket Ꮖ3.6
½-Day (12 hours) Ꮖ7.2 or Ꮖ14.4/day
1-Day Ꮖ14
3-Day (tourist offer) Ꮖ35 or Ꮖ11.66/day
7-Day (1 week) Ꮖ70 or Ꮖ10/day
10-Day Ꮖ95 or Ꮖ9.5/day
2-Week Ꮖ130 or Ꮖ9.28/day
1-Month Ꮖ250 or Ꮖ8.06/day
3-Month Ꮖ600 or Ꮖ6.67/day
6-Month Ꮖ1000 or Ꮖ5.56/day
12-Month Ꮖ1700 or Ꮖ4.65/day

Gulliver is a bit confused. He sees that there is a better price/day for long range passes. Going down from Ꮖ24 to Ꮖ8 is a solid gain.

prices-chartHe will be staying for one month and the monthly price looks good for him. He doesn’t have Utopian credits, but there is no need. The official policy of Utopia is to accept several currencies. As Mr. Gulliver comes from Europe, he will be able to pay with euros. Nice.




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