European Budget Travel // pt. I: Budget Transportation

Bus is cheap and quality comes at a cost. However, bus has some advantages over plane, especially when there are no airports in the area. Some countries have only one major airport, near the capital city and in such cases the bus beats the train. In some mountainous countries, it has always been a competition between bus and train.


Since I’m, you know, not the wealthiest person in the world (while recognizing that I do have enough to comfortably sustain myself in France as well as travel), but I still manage to travel fairly frequently, I figured I’d do a little series on how to travel through Europe while young and broke. Please note that I’m currently already living in Europe, so that means I can’t help you with the part that involves getting your butt onto the continent—what am I, your mom? [Just kidding, I’ll write some tips on that later!]

If you’ve ever hopped onto a site like Skyscanner to ogle the flights and empty your wallet, you’ve probably noticed offers for 9€ one-way tickets through airlines like RyanAir. As I type this, I’m waiting on a $22 round-trip flight from Paris to Venice. [This was written back in January. To clarify, I am not…

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