The public transportation ecosystem (I)

Core parts

At the core of the system we find  two categories of actors:

  • the customer
  • the provider

There is no miracle. Every business has one of each (at least).

The customer

Most of the time, the customer is a person who needs to travel from ,point A to point B. We find here:

  • people going from home to work and vice-versa
  • tourists
  • people needing to go from  home to a specific place (for leisure or by need)

The provider

Typical providers:

  • bus driver
  • ticket seller (person)
  • ticket controller

Other components

There may be additional parts of the system, all of them non human:

  • the bus with all its amenities;
  • the bus stop;
  • the facilitators (desktop and mobile) allowing the customer to have a better experience;
  • the traffic lights.

The geometrical view

Depending on the degree of involvement, all the parts mentioned above are close or far from the final user.





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