A real customer journey

custjourney-0Every evening, Mr. Gulliver adds one or more entries to his diary. He switched from a paper notebook to a blog version in the early 2000’s. Sitting in one of the comfortable chairs of hotel’s lobby, he takes small sips from a glass full of beer.  The laptop is is waiting for the new story to be written. It has seen so many of them, all over the world. Thousands. Utopia is a new place.

Gulliver had moved from the train floor to the tram floor. The path had been indicated by electronic displays and illuminated signs. All clear, in bright colors, a bit too many of them, but anyway, he dodged all the dead ends or wrong turns.

going-downAt the tram station he was pleased to see how minutes he had to wait till t he next tram for his destination was to arrive. Also, the frequency of the trams was relatively high, only a few minutes. He remembered those awful experiences when he just missed the bus and the next one was after more than one hour, with no other information at hand. Not in Utopia.

atvm-7Gulliver was a new arrival in the city. He had no tickets. The ATVM had a friendly display, all touch screen. The machine had multi language support. Not that he needed, but over 30 country flags ? The city must attract many tourists. Not too many clicks, just a couple of them. Payment by cash, credit card, or via the mobile app on his cellular. Nice. A vibration in his pocket indicated that his phone was already in the buying loop. All Mr. Gulliver needed was to validate on the screen of his own phone and the machine printed the ticket.

controlJust in time. The tram arrived silently.  On board, electronic displays above the doors switched between the map of the line and information about the next stop. A friendly guy dressed in green had shown him a badge, spoken in an unknown language. The controller. After a couple of seconds, the controller  switched quickly to English. He had a device the size of a mobile phone and he quickly checked that Mr. Gulliver had paid his fare. Have a nice trip!

A vibration in his pocket awoke Gulliver. The mobile app on his own phone was indicating that his stop was next. As to confirm, an overhead display switched to English. Apparently, he was the only passenger to get off at that stop. How convenient.

After the tram have left, a huge billboard directed him to the hotel, where he arrived in  5 or 6 minutes. And he did all of this without knowing the language of the locals. Amazing !


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