Gulliver in a tram (II)

It is evening. Mr. Gulliver has taken the tram in order to get from the hotel district to downtown. It is the same tram line he has used a few hours earlier, upon his arrival in Utopia.  He glances casually at the overhead information board.


Yeah, yeah, next will be the connections. But, the text doesn’t change. It’s strange.   He takes out the cellphone. That application, what as its name ? uWand, right. A quick look and he understands.  All the connections are no longer in service at this late hour. Marvelous . Utopian transport company takes into account the time and the place. No need to give false hope to late hour passengers. Gulliver is thankful for this. Maybe, next time, he will need to take a decision about his next stop and it’d better be the right one.


Just turning his head, he realizes he is alone in the tram. The last passenger. For the return he will take a cab.  Until then, the next stop will be his. As to confirm it, the overhead message changes. How did it happen ?  How did the tram know about his destination. The cellphone started to vibrate in his pocket. Did the mobile app do this ? Fantastic. As soon as there is only one passenger in the tram, uWand communicates with the overhead information board. That was pretty advanced technology. Some could even consider a breach of privacy. But for Mr. Gulliver, w journalist that discovers what a smart city is, this is wonderful.  At a late hour, one could miss the stop. Very helpful, indeed.


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