From the tram to the hotel

The tram disappeared. Mr. Gulliver looked around. Everything was green. In fact everywhere he looked, he saw only trees, bushes. Even the rails of the tram were hidden by the grassy field. Here and there, small knolls covered by flowers were catching the eye of the wanderer. But Gulliver was no such person. He was a journalist.  And he looked for facts. He wanted to study Utopia in every detail. Why, how, what, who where, when, which, and so on.  Across the street, a billboard was proudly giving information about the hotels.


Gulliver crossed the road in less than 2 secs. The information was clear, but how to get to the Green Place ? He was a journalist living on a reporter’s wage.  6 minutes  meant a good walking distance. It was then when he saw the box. Inside, neatly folded, lay the maps. He picked one and unfolded it. Most of the area was wooden, which explained why the hotels were out of sight. His layer, the Green Place, was the most remote one. The walkway passed near a place with red dices, then by a blue pentagon, and far in the map’s corner laid  a tree. Red, blue, green. Wasn’t there a hotel company who had similar brand segmentation ? He couldn’t recount the name of the CEO of that company, except that that individual was a fan of rock and roll and that the company’s name contained a double letter.

A low whistle awoke Gulliver from the reverie. The tram coming from the opposite direction was arriving. He made a mental note about  it. Sometime later that day, he had to visit downtown. Like a confirmation, a vibration in his pocket followed the tram’s passing by. On the screen of his cellphone, a message filled the whole screen:


Extraordinary. He had completely forgotten of having installed the official Utopia mobile app. Fully integrated with the smart city, the app was reading his mind. Or was it machine learning ? Gulliver started to walk along the path. He could already see a big pair of dices ahead. It was the right direction.



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