Gulliver’s travels – Arrival to Utopia

Note: The city of Utopia has the best public transport system in the world, but  this is known only to its inhabitants. Let’s have a peek.

The railway station

Mr. Gulliver, a well-known journalist from Europe, is preparing to disembark from the train that brought him to Utopia.


As the engine is slowing down, he has time to admire the glass and steel railway station. Along the platform, smart displays inform people about the train that  has just arrived.

Mr. Gulliver is satisfied that the train had arrived on time. The displays should have indicated the accuracy of the arrival, but anyway, he still has the paper ticket and the hour of arrival is printed there: 10:03. He will definitely write an article about the missing piece of information. But not now.

The railway station is neither too big, nor too small. About half a dozen platforms. This is strange. Shouldn’t there be more than that ? Like a full dozen ? As Mr. Gulliver looks around, he realizes that something is missing. A piece of the puzzle. Then a big sign reassures him.arr_dest

The economy of space. The railway station is built on two levels. But they should make it  clear. One could easily miss the departing train.

The efforts made by the city is obvious, but still, it lacks something. Shouldn’t it be simpler, like a regular station ? Not sure about what to think, Mr. Gulliver looks casually around. A new sign catches his attention.tramway

So the railway station is rather vertical than horizontal, he realized. Mr. Gulliver remembers that he can get to his hotel by tram. Hopefully, he won’t have to wait too much for the tram no. 3. tram_sched

As he arrives on the ground floor, he sees another display.  So he was just on time. It was pure luck. Or was it more than that ? 3 minutes was not a long wait. A metallic sound indicated him that tram no. 1 was arriving. One more minute. One more minute. What a day!


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