PiDay – great news for public transport addicts

It’s March 14, which means it’s Pi Day for math appreciators everywhere (I appreciate math, I just don’t understand it). To mark the occasion, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has a brand new version of its diminutive, affordable computer for DIY computing enthusiasts, the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This latest iteration has the same… via Raspberry Pi Model B+ arrives just in time for Pi Day 2018 — TechCrunch Advertisements Continue reading PiDay – great news for public transport addicts

The Wheel-Brake test

Foreword The famous 1950 test from Alan Turing is still used today to test some artificial intelligence systems. One of the hottest topic today is the chat-bots and Turing is a good way to verify the level of “human intelligence” of that system. Let’s go further and imagine the equivaleent of the Turing test for a self-driving car. After all, even in 2100, we can expect a lot of human drivers on the roads, at least for the freedom given by driving. Let’s call it … The Wheel-Brake test I could have name this test after myself, but after all, … Continue reading The Wheel-Brake test